QNXsched-1.16: Announcement/Plea for Help

Adam McKee (amckee@poboxes.com)
Sun, 14 Dec 1997 01:32:16 -0600 (CST)

QNXsched-1.16 is released - it can be found at:


There have been only very minor changes/fixes since 1.15. 2.0 *should*
still be solid. I'm less confident about 2.1, and that's where the "plea
for help" comes in. I don't have a spare machine that I can use to debug
the 2.1 patch, and even if I could use it it's not an SMP machine (the 2.1
patch seems to be OK in uni-processor, but barfs with SMP). So I'm hoping
there's someone out there with an SMP box, a little kernel know-how, and a
sense of adventure.

NOTE: the patch assumes that, in SMP mode with x CPUs, the idle threads
for each CPU are at task[0], task[1], ..., task[x - 1], each with pid=0.
Is that a valid assumption? It seems to be valid in Linux 2.0.

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