Re: strange RST packets sent by Linux

David Woodhouse (
Sat, 13 Dec 1997 10:45:10 +0000 said:
> about a week ago I posted a question about a TCP Problem that arises
> when I try to print some documents using a Linux (2.0.28 or 2.0.30)
> spool server and a HP Laserjet 5SiMX equiped with a JetDirect ether-
> net adapter

We have a problem printing from Linux (stock RH 5.0) to an HP Laserjet 4, with
the JetDirect adapter. I haven't had time to investigate properly,

What happens is this: the process sending data to the printer aborts (or hangs,
I haven't even established which, I'm afraid), and the printer refuses all
attempts to reopen a connection, as if it thinks the old connection is still
open. This only happens once every few days, and by the time I get there
someone's usually restarted it.

I never had any problems printing using lpd, but only since I've started using
PPR to print using the "tcpip" interface (send data direct to port 9100 of the

Admittedly, I only ever used lpd myself, and it's now using PPR for the whole
College, so it's possible that I had just never noticed the problem before.

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