Bug in 2.0.32 IP Masq with Large windows

12 Dec 97 04:53:50 GMT

I've recently discovered what seems to be a bug in something, I'm pretty
sure either IP Masq or in allowing large IP windows. I first compiled a
kernel for a machine doing masquerading with both of these options set and
the result was that every once and a while a packet would "cross streams"
and end up going to the wrong place. This always happened in uploading
from the masqueraded systems, when they downloaded all was fine. I got
a working kernel simply by shutting off the "IP: Allow large windows"
option. I can send full config files or other details to bug seekers.

The stupid thing about it (my stupidness, that is) was that allowing large
windows even says right there in the config program "not recommended <16Mb
of memory" and this system was only running with eight. I would submit,
however, that "not recommended" and "will not work correctly" are pretty
different, and that this seems like it's likely a real bug. It would be
much much better for it to kill the connection and log a problem rather than
send the wrong data to the wrong place.


Andrew Prior PhD Student (Vision)
Dept. of Computer Science, University of Toronto