Re: modutils 2.1.71: Ouch, no kerneld for message 2147418113

Some Guy (
Fri, 12 Dec 1997 04:31:12 -0800 (PST)

On Thu, 11 Dec 1997, James Mastros wrote:

> On Thu, 11 Dec 1997, Regis Duchesne wrote:
> > > I got the following error with the new modutils and 2.1.72.
> > > Ouch, no kerneld for message 2147418113
> > I have got the same message with old modutils (2.1.55) and 2.1.71
> >
> > Perhaps we have to start kerneld sooner, what does this kerneld message
> > mean?
> >
> Me three. 2.1.55 modutils, 2.1.71 kernel. (Would be running
> 2.1.71(kerneld)+2.1.72(kernel), but problems connecting to (and
> accedently deleted /usr/src, like the idiot that I am).)
> Two interesting things about this message:
> 1) It is 0x7fff0001 - a odd number
> 2) It appear _partway through_ fscking. (I.E. Nothing just started (at that
> time, I'm not multitasking anything)
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I did some fairly extensive dinkering with this before I came into work
this morning.

I have 2.1.71(kerneld)+2.1.72(kernel). I changed the order that kerneld
was started out of rc.S (I use a molested version of slakware
3.1..with all the right updates...) and did a modprobe unix in
rc.modules (this is called from my rc.S) to make sure that it wouldn't
have to rely on kerneld to get loaded. I have come to this conclusion:

I think init is somehow messed up (in the most technical terms, of
course). I get the Ouch, no kerneld for message 2147418113 as soon as the
runlevel changed to multiuser. I also tried init S and instead of going
to single user, the machine rebooted.

I downloaded the source to sysvinit-2.69 and init wouldn't compile. Maybe
someone with enough functioning brain cells can take a look into this, as
I really dont know how to program...more of a tinkerer...

Hope this helps,