Re: Console in 2.1.72

Miquel van Smoorenburg (
12 Dec 1997 13:49:47 +0100

In article <>,
Sander van Malssen <> wrote:
>I only get a 5,1 device if I add "console=tty0" to the lilo command

Darn - that's in my lilo.conf, so i always have it. Hmm I'll have to take
that out and try again.

>but then again I also got bitten by the "#define VGA_CAN_DO_64KB"
>bug -- perhaps your workaround for that one fails to add the VGA screen
>to the console_drivers list?

No, the fix from Pavel (which is in 2.1.72) doesn't change anything
important. Should work with and without VGA_CAN_DO_64KB

>Or isn't there supposed to be any console
>at all if you don't explicitly add one to the lilo command line?

The first device that registers itself as console capable will become
the console. And I just discovered that this is a problem on machine
with a TGA screen if you compile in both VGA/TGA console support AND
serial support because the serial driver will register itself before
the TGA driver. But if you do that you will find that out soon enough
(and the default is not to enable the serial console code anyway)

I'll look into it later today or tomorrow


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