Console in 2.1.72

David Woodhouse (
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 11:48:57 +0000

>From 2.1.72 Documentation/devices.txt:
> The console device, /dev/console, is the device to which system
> messages should be sent, and on which logins should be permitted in
> single-user mode. Starting with Linux 2.1.71, /dev/console is managed
> by the kernel; for previous versions it should be a symbolic link to
> either /dev/tty0, a specific virtual console such as /dev/tty1, or to
> a serial port primary (tty*, not cu*) device, depending on the
> configuration of the system.

I dutifully removed /dev/console, which was a link to tty0, and made the new
node, (as I'm sure everyone did when they read the changes in the documentation

Didn't work though - I just got lots of complaints from init that it
couldn't open /dev/console

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