Re: binfmt_java problems

Matthias Urlichs (
Wed, 15 May 1996 23:05:57 +0100

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Alan Cox <> writes:
> 4. Add it and other strange similar things to libcs exec() stuff and =
> it out of the kernel ?
What about (possibly unreadable) setuid programs? How could the library
figure out which interpreter to start?

I don't like the current kernel hack either, mainly because it calls th=
shell with the file name instead of doing a recursive call (who are you=
say my appletviewer is a shell script?), but...

The best solution would probably be a kexecd which knows all about the
different binary formats you're (un)likely to run on your system.
But hacking the kernel for that is a little too much work for 2.0, I'd =

Did I SELL OUT yet??
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