Re: Triton II

Ed Saffle (
Wed, 15 May 1996 16:09:54 -0400

This is just idle speculation but I doubt that the support for DMA
data transfers with Triton I boards will work for the Triton II
boards. I've given this consideration already since I'm planning on
buying a Triton II board Real Soon Now and just don't care. I have a
board with Triton I chipset right now but have never gotten around to
setting CONFIG_BLK_DEV_TRITON in my kernel yet and so it wouldn't matter
to me if that config option covered both chipsets.
However I had not given consideration to the fact that the kernel
might not run at all or would run flakey on such a board. Oh well,
guess I'll find out in a couple weeks one way or another. :)
I guess if nobody else has answered Lauri's original question
then I shall also go ahead and enable CONFIG_BLK_DEV_TRITON and see
if the Triton II DMA busmastering will work with the same driver as
the Triton I.

Drew Eckhardt writes:
> Unfortunately, it fails to mention any hardware bugs which may be
> present in the current masking, so the question of weather it works
> under Linux remains.



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