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Hartmut Niemann (
Tue, 14 May 1996 13:52:26 +0200 (MSZ)

Hi Peter!
> >>>>> "Hartmut" == Hartmut Niemann <> writes:
> Hartmut> Bottom line: If 2.0 is released, there _must_ be clear
> Hartmut> guidelines how to upgrade from any known and widespread
> Hartmut> linux version and patch level. And if "backup, reformat,
> Hartmut> reinstall, restore" is the way to go, say it! With a tape,
> Hartmut> this can be done in a day, more or less unsupervised.
> Hartmut> Replacing all the necessary packages by hand is - at least -
> Hartmut> time-consuming.
> Ever tried reading Documentation/CHANGES, which is exactly what you're
> looking for?
Thank you, I have not, i surely will.
But my point is a little different: if somebody has a from-the-box 1.2.8 or 1.1.9 or 0.99.xx
system, what does he have to replace to run a 2.0.0 kernel? Probably everything...
My system at home ist a 1.2.13 pre-elf, and I guess i will more or less reformat it, if i do not
find an easier way. I think I won't upgrade package after package.

> About whether or not to reformat, that will allways be up to you to
> deside.
No, it's not. Some systems make it really a good idea to - at least -
delete them (deltree c:\windows) before installing the new version.
Does a new installation really cope with _all_ old config scripts?
Does it overwrite them? Process them? Leave them untouched? move them to *.old?
Do you know when the (just as an example) lilo.conf script last changed
it's format? The network config scripts?

Maybe booting from a new bootdisk, cleaning up all system directories
and starting anew is necessary, maybe not - who knows? I would like to..
> /Peter
> PS: this is not mail to the linux-kernel list, because the CHANGES
> file have been announced there...
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