Re: Kerneld woes

Mr A.M. Kruczkowski (
Mon, 13 May 96 23:56:34 bst

Hiya there

1. yes, I did do make modules_install

2. kerneld does run

3. kdstat debug does produce information, useful or otherwise. I will
describe this at the end

4. modprobe -c thrashes the machine. I get no control at all.

In this version , 1.99.3, with modules -whatever the latest version is-
revision h... I compiled the kernel with most things other than boot
partition and fs as modules... that is, serial support, lp printer
support, umsdos support, ppp support and a.out and java support. I
have an elf system, and elf was compiled directly into the kernel.

When I boot up with the new system before installing auto loading of
kerneld, i get a message that ldconfig won't load -- no surprise, it's
a.out still (one of the few). When I turn on kdstat debug and try
to run an a.out program (ueamcs, which I was actually going to record
the output of kdstat!), it thrashes the machine, and the output was
amongst other things, that it couldn't load "binfmt-0" which is
no surprise, cos a-out isn't called binfmt-0, but binfmt_aout.

What am I doing wrong? UIf you need other informatino, please don't
hestiate to write.



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