A little pre-2.0 input

Joe Fouche (jf@helix.caltech.edu)
Sun, 12 May 1996 18:40:28 -0700 (PDT)

Just a few observations before the grand release of the 2.0 kernel:

1) Configuration still seems a tiny bit illogical. For example,
it asks certain things (like CONFIG_ETHERNET) in weird places.
Also, maybe the (NEW) thing shouldn't appear when .config doesn't
already exist?

2) Whatever happened to the supposed gcc bug I saw on one of these
lists, about the -fcse-skip-blocks optimization in 2.7.2? If
this exists, should we trap for it in Makefile (or at least
note about it in README)? {also, pentium gcc 2.7.2p seems to
break networking code, we might note that}

3) Should make {x,menu}config fail more gracefully if the admin doesn't
have {tk,ncurses} installed?

4) Will there be any change to the way certain messages are forcibly
written to the console, no matter what klogd wants/does?

5) Whatever happened to the qdep script that made dependencies so
quickly? Did it fade away, or get integrated when I wasn't

6) Will README clearly mention things like procps that must be
upgraded to use 2.0, or will the list traffic triple instead? :)

7) Is there _any_ mention of bzImage and the like in the source?
On a related note, README should mention initrd...

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