Re: mcdx.c (1.3.93) + Audio Player Workman = system freezes

Martin Buck (
Wed, 8 May 96 17:42 CDT

> [...]
> Finally I'm using a single speed drive, but in the weekend I got
> also hands on an leased doublespeed :-). All problems seems to be gone now.
> The driver is now thoroughly tested on FX001-D,M and F drives.
> Therefore I will put an corrected version, mcdx-2.2 into sunsite/incomming
> tomorrow.

This works nearly perfect. Workman and CD-ROMs work without any problems so
far, but workbone behaves a bit strange. When I start workbone for the first
time after having changed CDs, it takes very long (about a minute) until
workbone is ready. This seems to be caused by ioctl(CDROMREADTOCENTRY) which
is rather slow when called for the first time. If I remeber correctly, this
problem didn't exist in the old mcd-driver (but I play audio-CDs only
occasionally on this drive, so I'm not really sure).

And BTW, there's a strange printk() in mcdx_init (the one with
MCDX_NDRIVES), but I guess you already know this.

Thanks for making mcdx usable!


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