Re: Loop mounting of MS-DOS fs images
Thu, 9 May 1996 03:43:42 +0200

Johannes Kroeger:

: Hello Andries,

: Since 1.3.99 I can't read loop-mounted MS-DOS disk images anymore.
: The command
: % mount fdimage /mnt -t msdos -o loop,blocksize=1024
: succeeds, but
: % ls /mnt
: doesn't show any files and gives about 100 error messages like these
: ll_rw_block: device 07:00: only 1024-char blocks implemented (512)

Yes. This is caused by the 1.3.96 patch where in fs/fat/{buffer,cache,misc}.c
some bread's were replaced by breada's.
If I am not mistaken, just reverting this patch solves the problem.

I have no time now, but hope to create a one-line patch tomorrow or so.