Re: [PATCH] x86: Run checksumming in parallel accross multiple alu's

From: Doug Ledford
Date: Wed Oct 30 2013 - 09:22:35 EST

On 10/30/2013 08:18 AM, David Laight wrote:
/me wonders if rearranging the instructions into this order:
adcq 0*8(src), res1
adcq 1*8(src), res2
adcq 2*8(src), res1

Those have to be sequenced.

Using a 64bit lea to add 32bit quantities should avoid the
dependencies on the flags register.
However you'd need to get 3 of those active to beat a 64bit adc.


Already done (well, something similar to what you mention above anyway), doesn't help (although doesn't hurt either, even though it doubles the number of adds needed to complete the same work). This is the code I tested:

#define ADDL_64 \
asm("xorq %%r8,%%r8\n\t" \
"xorq %%r9,%%r9\n\t" \
"xorq %%r10,%%r10\n\t" \
"xorq %%r11,%%r11\n\t" \
"movl 0*4(%[src]),%%r8d\n\t" \
"movl 1*4(%[src]),%%r9d\n\t" \
"movl 2*4(%[src]),%%r10d\n\t" \
"movl 3*4(%[src]),%%r11d\n\t" \
"addq %%r8,%[res1]\n\t" \
"addq %%r9,%[res2]\n\t" \
"addq %%r10,%[res3]\n\t" \
"addq %%r11,%[res4]\n\t" \
"movl 4*4(%[src]),%%r8d\n\t" \
"movl 5*4(%[src]),%%r9d\n\t" \
"movl 6*4(%[src]),%%r10d\n\t" \
"movl 7*4(%[src]),%%r11d\n\t" \
"addq %%r8,%[res1]\n\t" \
"addq %%r9,%[res2]\n\t" \
"addq %%r10,%[res3]\n\t" \
"addq %%r11,%[res4]\n\t" \
"movl 8*4(%[src]),%%r8d\n\t" \
"movl 9*4(%[src]),%%r9d\n\t" \
"movl 10*4(%[src]),%%r10d\n\t" \
"movl 11*4(%[src]),%%r11d\n\t" \
"addq %%r8,%[res1]\n\t" \
"addq %%r9,%[res2]\n\t" \
"addq %%r10,%[res3]\n\t" \
"addq %%r11,%[res4]\n\t" \
"movl 12*4(%[src]),%%r8d\n\t" \
"movl 13*4(%[src]),%%r9d\n\t" \
"movl 14*4(%[src]),%%r10d\n\t" \
"movl 15*4(%[src]),%%r11d\n\t" \
"addq %%r8,%[res1]\n\t" \
"addq %%r9,%[res2]\n\t" \
"addq %%r10,%[res3]\n\t" \
"addq %%r11,%[res4]" \
: [res1] "=r" (result1), \
[res2] "=r" (result2), \
[res3] "=r" (result3), \
[res4] "=r" (result4) \
: [src] "r" (buff), \
"[res1]" (result1), "[res2]" (result2), \
"[res3]" (result3), "[res4]" (result4) \
: "r8", "r9", "r10", "r11" )

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