Re: Updating 00-INDEX in Documentation/*

From: Jiri Kosina
Date: Wed Oct 30 2013 - 09:22:07 EST

On Mon, 28 Oct 2013, Henrik Austad wrote:

> Hi Rob, Jiri
> If this email goes the wrong place, my sincere apologies, my asbestos
> underwear can be quickly donned!
> I've been reading through some of the docs and one thing that has struct
> me, is that there is a certain degree of bitrot (textrot?). Almost every
> category has an outdated 00-INDEX. A couple of indexes has been updated
> (thanks for applying Jiri!), but more remains.
> This is obviously not the most important job to undertake, but it
> serves as a very convenient starting-point when exploring a given topic.
> Hacking away at python shows me that of the 254 subfolders 57 has outdated
> 00-INDEX, either with missing files, or files that has been removed. (see
> list below)
> Now, I'm quite happy to start fixing this, but what I would like to know
> before I start:
> - is it considered a waste of time? i.e. will it be worth the time

That definitely depends purely on you, as you are the sole owner of your
own time :)

I'd be happy to apply the fixes if you decide to produce them, as keeping
the references broken isn't really nice.

> - what is best, a single, big patch, or a series of one patch per
> directory?

For this particular thing, I'd prefer single big patch. I can handle the
(very unlikely) conflict cases.

> - or should someone(tm) kick whoever caused 00-INDEX to be outdated, to fix
> it?

That's probably more effort than actually fixing it :)


Jiri Kosina
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