Re: Revert 9745cdb36da83aeec198650b410ca06304cf792 ("select: usefreezable blocking call")?

From: Rafael J. Wysocki
Date: Tue Oct 29 2013 - 16:58:35 EST

On 10/29/2013 8:41 PM, Paul Bolle wrote:
0) Summary: ever since I tried running (release candidates of) v3.11 on
the two working i686s I still have lying around I ran into issues on
resuming from suspend. Reverting 9745cdb36da83aeec198650b410ca06304cf792
("select: use freezable blocking call") resolves those issues.

1) Resuming from suspend on i686 on (release candidates of) v3.11 and
later triggers issues like:
traps: systemd[1] general protection ip:b738e490 sp:bf882fc0 error:0 in[b731c000+1b0000]

traps: rtkit-daemon[552] general protection ip:804d6e5 sp:b6cb32f0 error:0 in rtkit-daemon[8048000+d000]

Once I hit the systemd error I can only get out of the mess that the
system is at that point by power cycling it.

2) I bisected that issue to commit
9745cdb36da83aeec198650b410ca06304cf792 ("select: use freezable blocking
call"). The, rather impressive, bisect log is pasted at the end of this
message. It took 23 builds to pinpoint this issue in the v3.10..v3.11
range! Sadly, I have no clue why that commit triggers this issue.

3) Reverting that commit on top of v3.12-rc7 gets me a system that
resumes without issues. (That revert needed one trivial context change.
Note that I haven't actually tried v3.12-rc7 plain. But v3.12-rc6 and
earlier also had this issue, so I'm sure the revert did the trick for

4) Should this commit be reverted? Or is there a better fix?

In short, yes, it should.

I've already queued up a revert of something very similar and I'm going to revert this one too.


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