Re: [PATCH] staging: Merge Crystal HD driver with

From: Steven Newbury
Date: Tue Oct 29 2013 - 07:54:51 EST

Hi Greg,
I'm making good progress. My plan is to break/clean up the patch

patch1: Clean up debug/error messages DONE - (this has actually
resulted in some bug fixes)

patch2: Remove commented out/unused code TODO

patch3: Power management support TODO

patch4: other misc fixes/changes (may be more than one patch) with
details in log message

patch5: Rename driver to crystalhd (instead of bcm70012) DONE

patch6: Restructure driver to prepare for BCM70015 support by splitting
out (BCM70012) hw specific parts. DONE

patch7: Add BCM70015 support MOSTLY DONE - some clean up needed

To me this makes more sense than trying to apply the patches as applied
to the git repo since there's a lot of irrelevant code churn
and changes in commits which are undocumented in the log message along
with the fact they won't apply cleanly on top of the existing staging
driver anyway.

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