usbatm: printk_ratelimit() always called in the atm_rldbg()

From: Krzysztof Mazur
Date: Sat Oct 26 2013 - 09:30:07 EST


commit 2d6401cf4ca3861692a4779745e0049cac769d10
("USB: usbatm: move the atm_dbg() call to use dynamic debug")
changed the atm_rldbg() to:

#define atm_rldbg(instance, format, arg...) \
if (printk_ratelimit()) \
atm_dbg(instance , format , ## arg)

and now printk_ratelimit() is always called even when debugging is
disabled and a lot of "callbacks suppressed" messages are printed
by the printk_ratelimit():

usbatm_rx_process: 4977 callbacks suppressed
usbatm_extract_one_cell: 2920 callbacks suppressed

I'm not sure how to fix that, maybe we need dynamic_pr_debug_ratelimit()?

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