Re: question about netif_rx

From: Francois Romieu
Date: Tue Aug 13 2013 - 16:41:47 EST

(no top-post nor lazy quote please)

David Shwatrz <dshwatrz@xxxxxxxxx> :
> In the napi_gro_receive() we check that the device supports
> NETIF_F_GRO, but I don't see that we inspect checksum or that
> NETIF_F_GRO is depends on checksum.

napi_gro_receive is irrelevant. Let aside tunnel, the real work happens
in the protocol specific gro_receive handlers.

However I am an happy retard and I missed that tcp gro stopped depending
on Rx checksum since commit 861b650101eb0c627d171eb18de81dddb93d395e. :o/

So, yes, napi_gro_receive could be used.

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