Re: [PATCH 10/18] spi: s3c64xx: Do not require legacy DMA API in case of S3C64XX

From: Tomasz Figa
Date: Mon Aug 12 2013 - 19:50:06 EST

On Tuesday 13 of August 2013 00:36:41 Mark Brown wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 11, 2013 at 07:59:22PM +0200, Tomasz Figa wrote:
> > With support for amba-pl08x driver, on S3C64xx the generic DMA engine
> > API can be used instead of the private s3c-dma interface.
> I'm still getting issues for SPI with this:
> [ 50.952845] s3c64xx-spi s3c6410-spi.0: Failed to get RX DMA channel
> [ 50.953520] spi_master spi0: failed to prepare transfer hardware
> when I test (with -next with this series applied on top), this is from
> the first transfer that tries to DMA - there's actually no RX data. No
> errors are reported by the DMA controller itself. I'm also getting
> crashes setting up the audio DMA while derferencecing the channel.
> This is without DT - are there any hookups missing because of that?

Hmm, strange.

I've been testing this without any significant patches, like PWM, CCF or
DT support, just everything from the branch I pointed to and some board-
specific patches to help in debugging.

Anyway, this is the exact branch I've been using:

git:// v3.12-pl080-devel

Best regards,

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