Re: [HANG] Trouble with NEC-based USB adapter in PCMCIA slot onE7110

From: Alan Stern
Date: Fri Aug 09 2013 - 21:08:00 EST

On Sat, 10 Aug 2013, Thomas Richter wrote:

> Hi Alan,
> >> Will try and report back, thanks. I've bisected it down in the meantime
> >> to a change from to Interestingly, this is very much
> >> the same time when the udev userland changed. It works with old
> >> udev, but not with, new udev.
> >
> > Can't you use the new udev with the old kernel?
> Nope. udevd refuses to start and says that it requires at least 2.6.32,
> which means that apparently something changed in the kernel-userland
> interface in 2.6.32. Thus, my conclusion that there's probably something
> nasty going on in userland with udev.

What about the old udev with the newer kernel?

> Here's what I got: "messages" - output from /var/log/messages. Note that
> the mount hangs exactly at the SCSI 2A command you see there, then tries
> to reset the device after probably 20 seconds or so.

It looks like the controller is having trouble sending the large
packets for the write. I have no idea why.

At this point, bisection continues to look like the best approach.
Maybe you can confine the search to just the commits that touch files
under drivers/usb/host; then perhaps the intermediate kernels will
continue to work with the old udev.

Alan Stern

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