RE: leds-lp5523: Broken commitdb6eaf8388a413a5ee1b4547ce78506b9c6456b0

From: Kim, Milo
Date: Mon Aug 05 2013 - 03:27:15 EST

> Hello,
> git commit "leds-lp5523: use generic firmware interface"
> db6eaf8388a413a5ee1b4547ce78506b9c6456b0 introduced in kernel
> 3.10 changed user space API for modifing lp5523 led patterns via /sys.
> Before this commit there were sysfs attributes engineX_mode, engineX_load and
> engineX_leds (for every engine X).
> Now (after commit) there are sysfs attributes: select_engine, loading and
> data (see: 10c06d178df11b0b2b746321a80ea14241997127
> for description). Old sysfs attributes were removed.
> So commit db6eaf8388a413a5ee1b4547ce78506b9c6456b0 totally broke all existing
> userspace applications which use lp5523 leds.
> This also broke application MCE which is used on Nokia N900 phone for
> changing LED patterns in lp5523 led.

First of all, I'm really sorry for this conflict.

> I think that kernel api which is used by userspace applications (like
> attributes in /sys) should not be changed in way that totally broke existing
> applications.
> Can you fix this api problem? (maybe adding old sysfs attributes which would
> call new api function...)

I'll recover old sysfs attributes and implement them by using new functions.
Additionally, I'll do same works in LP5521 driver also.

Best Regards,
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