leds-lp5523: Broken commit db6eaf8388a413a5ee1b4547ce78506b9c6456b0

From: Pali RohÃr
Date: Mon Aug 05 2013 - 02:55:24 EST


git commit "leds-lp5523: use generic firmware interface"
db6eaf8388a413a5ee1b4547ce78506b9c6456b0 introduced in kernel
3.10 changed user space API for modifing lp5523 led patterns via

Before this commit there were sysfs attributes engineX_mode,
engineX_load and engineX_leds (for every engine X).

Now (after commit) there are sysfs attributes: select_engine,
loading and data (see: 10c06d178df11b0b2b746321a80ea14241997127
for description). Old sysfs attributes were removed.

So commit db6eaf8388a413a5ee1b4547ce78506b9c6456b0 totally broke
all existing userspace applications which use lp5523 leds.

This also broke application MCE which is used on Nokia N900 phone
for changing LED patterns in lp5523 led.

I think that kernel api which is used by userspace applications
(like attributes in /sys) should not be changed in way that
totally broke existing applications.

Can you fix this api problem? (maybe adding old sysfs attributes
which would call new api function...)

Pali RohÃr

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