Re: [PATCH v7] watchdog: Add MOXA ART watchdog driver

From: Jonas Jensen
Date: Fri Aug 02 2013 - 10:55:26 EST

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the replies.

On 2 August 2013 13:41, Mark Rutland <mark.rutland@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> It would be nice to have a fuller description here.

I have tried to elaborate the commit message, please point out if it
should be formatted differently.

>> +Example:
>> +
>> + watchdog: watchdog@98500000 {
>> + compatible = "moxa,moxart-watchdog";
>> + reg = <0x98500000 0x10>;
>> + clocks = <&coreclk>;
>> + };
> This seems sensible to me. I assume the watchdog is a standalone unit,
> and not part of some larger piece of IP?

I think it's standalone, unfortunately documentation on the SoC (which
this is likely part of) is not publicly available.

The register is not shared with anything else.

> This is a probe path. Is the use of unlikely() really appropriate here?
> I suspect it doesn't make any appreciable difference, and should go.

No, it just happened to get copied from a reference driver.

Best regards,
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