Re: [PATCH] PCI: Remove not needed check in disable aspm link

From: Yinghai Lu
Date: Fri Jun 14 2013 - 12:18:12 EST

On Fri, Jun 14, 2013 at 7:11 AM, Bjorn Helgaas <bhelgaas@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Here are some of my notes from trying to sort this out, in chronological
> order:
> 29594404 v3.7
> Bus scanned before requesting _OSC control
> pre-1.1 ath5k has ASPM disabled (works fine)
> 8c33f51d "request _OSC control before scanning bus"
> 19f949f5 v3.8
> _OSC control requested before scanning bus
> Now pre-1.1 ath5k has ASPM enabled and doesn't work
> opened
> b8178f13 "revert 'request _OSC control before scanning bus' (8c33f51d)"
> Bus now scanned before requesting _OSC control (as in v3.7)
> c1be5a5b v3.9
> pciehp claims slots first, even when both pciehp & acpiphp are
> built-in, because pciehp module_init precedes acpiphp module_init
> in link order
> 6037a803 "Convert acpiphp to be builtin only"
> This also adds "acpiphp.disable" boot option
> 3b63aaa7 "Do not use ACPI PCI subdriver mechanism"
> Now acpiphp claims slots first because we call
> acpiphp_enumerate_slots() from pcibios_add_bus() during PCI device
> enumeration. This happens before pciehp, which still uses
> module_init.
> f722406f v3.10-rc1
> ........ "Revert reverting of 'request _OSC control before scanning bus' (b8178f13)"
> _OSC control requested before scanning bus (as in v3.8)
> pre-1.1 ath5k probably has ASPM enabled and doesn't work
> ........ "Remove not needed check in disable aspm link"
> Now pci_disable_link_state() unconditionally disables ASPM,
> even when BIOS hasn't given us ASPM control
> 1) The problem you're trying to fix is that when both acpiphp and
> pciehp are supported for the same slot, acpiphp claims the slot first
> and pciehp will not claim it. I think this problem was introduced by
> 3b63aaa7, which was merged after v3.9. Therefore, v3.9 should work
> correctly, and this regression appeared in v3.10-rc1.
> 2) As you say, acpiphp cannot be a module, so the user would have to
> rebuild the kernel to remove it. However, 6037a803 *did* add a
> "acpiphp.disable" boot option, so that should be a workaround that
> allows pciehp to claim the slot.

How about the same system that some slots need to be handled by acpiphp
and some others need to be handled by pciehp ?

for example: laptop that have dock that will need acpiphp, and also have
pci express card that need pciehp.

> 3) I think your "revert reverting" patch gets us back to the same
> situation we had after 8c33f51d, i.e., Roman's pre-1.1 ath5k device
> will have ASPM enabled and won't work. I don't want to leave the tree
> in this broken state, even though you intend to fix it in the next
> patch. If you can reorder your patches so the ASPM fix is first, that
> would be better.


We could apply your patch in [1] at first, and revert the reverting.
and do not touch pcie_clear_aspm now.

> 4) Your "Remove not needed check in disable aspm link" patch makes
> pci_disable_link_state() disable ASPM even when the OS doesn't have
> permission to control ASPM. I think this is a mistake. I proposed a
> similar change in [1], but Rafael and Matthew thought it was too
> risky, and I agree.

before all those changes, and in current state:
quirk disable aspm is before _osc support and control are set.
aka in pci_acpi_scan_root will allocate all link state struct, and quirk
call pci_disable_link_state, and later will _osc support or control can
not be set, pcie_no_aspm is called, can will block all aspm operation.

That is risky too?, why booting path quirk could do that, but driver
and hot-add quirk path can not do that ?

or we can have another pci_disable_link_state always work on quirk path only?

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