RE: [PATCH 7/8] mm/thp: fix doc for transparent huge zero page

From: Kirill A. Shutemov
Date: Fri Jun 14 2013 - 04:26:04 EST

Wanpeng Li wrote:
> Transparent huge zero page is used during the page fault instead of
> in khugepaged.
> # ls /sys/kernel/mm/transparent_hugepage/
> defrag enabled khugepaged use_zero_page
> # ls /sys/kernel/mm/transparent_hugepage/khugepaged/
> alloc_sleep_millisecs defrag full_scans max_ptes_none pages_collapsed pages_to_scan scan_sleep_millisecs
> This patch corrects the documentation just like the codes done.
> Signed-off-by: Wanpeng Li <liwanp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Acked-by: Kirill A. Shutemov <kirill.shutemov@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Kirill A. Shutemov
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