Fwd: show_interrupts() after free_irq issue 3.10-rc4?

From: Mario Smarduch
Date: Fri Jun 14 2013 - 04:03:57 EST

I've been working with device passthrough & irq
on armv7 after disassociating the device from guest
free_irq() is executed on host. Display of /proc/interrupts
still shows the IRQ info with no irq name associated,
and there is no irq_action associated with the IRQ.
'show_interrupts()' in 'kernel/irq/proc.c' displays
info on the IRQ due to prior stats accumulated.
Few other arch specific ones only on irq_action.

Is there some specific reason for that? To me it
appears misleading to display dormant IRQ info.
For the end user - use case like above or unloading
driver and seeing the irq show up is confusing as well.
Also not sure what you gain by displaying old IRQ info.

Please cc on responses.

<Sorry for the double copy misspelled mailing list>

- Mario

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