[Part2 PATCH v4 15/15] doc, page_alloc, acpi, mem-hotplug: Add doc for movablecore=acpi boot option.

From: Tang Chen
Date: Thu Jun 13 2013 - 09:41:30 EST

Since we modify movablecore boot option to support
"movablecore=acpi", this patch adds doc for it.

Signed-off-by: Tang Chen <tangchen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt | 8 ++++++++
1 files changed, 8 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt b/Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt
index 2fe6e76..615ca4b 100644
--- a/Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt
+++ b/Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt
@@ -1714,6 +1714,14 @@ bytes respectively. Such letter suffixes can also be entirely omitted.
that the amount of memory usable for all allocations
is not too small.

+ movablecore=acpi [KNL,X86] This parameter will enable the
+ kernel to arrange ZONE_MOVABLE with the help of
+ Hot-Pluggable Field in SRAT. All the hotpluggable
+ memory will be arranged in ZONE_MOVABLE.
+ NOTE: Any node which the kernel resides in will
+ always be un-hotpluggable so that the kernel
+ will always have enough memory to boot.
MTD_Partition= [MTD]
Format: <name>,<region-number>,<size>,<offset>


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