Re: [PATCH] kernel: timer: looping issue, need reset variable 'found'

From: Chen Gang
Date: Wed Jun 12 2013 - 23:40:36 EST

Sorry for replying late during these days, firstly.

On 06/10/2013 10:12 PM, Thomas Gleixner wrote:
> On Sun, 9 Jun 2013, Chen Gang wrote:
>> >
>> > According to __internal_add_timer(), in _next_timer_interrupt(), when
>> > 'tv1.vec' find one, but need 'cascade bucket(s)', we still need find
>> > each slot of 'tv*.vec'.
> No, we do not. We only need to scan the first cascade array after the
> enqueued timer. If there is nothing in tv2 which might come before the
> found timer, then any timer in tv3 will be later than the one we found
> in the primary wheel.

OK, thanks, I should read details to confirm it (at least now, I still
not quite be sure about it).

>> > So need reset variable 'found', so can fully scan ''do {...} while()''
>> > for 'tv*.vec'.
> And thereby lose the information, that we already found a timer in the
> scan of the primary array.

Hmm..., I should read details.

And excuse me, I also have to do another things during these days, so
maybe reply late.

Chen Gang

Asianux Corporation
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