Re: [BUG] PCI related panic on powerpc based board with 3.10-rcX

From: Scott Wood
Date: Wed Jun 12 2013 - 18:05:43 EST

On 06/12/2013 03:19:30 AM, Rojhalat Ibrahim wrote:
On Tuesday 11 June 2013 12:28:59 Scott Wood wrote:
> Yes, I figured it was non-PCIe because the code change that you said
> helped was on the non-PCIe branch of the if/else. Generally it's good
> to explicitly mention the chip you're using, though.
> fsl_setup_indirect_pci should be renamed to fsl_setup_indirect_pcie.
> Your patch above should be applied, and fsl_setup_indirect_pcie should
> be moved into the booke/86xx ifdef to avoid an unused function warning.
> -Scott

How about this patch? It uses setup_indirect_pci for the PCI case in
mpc83xx_add_bridge. Additionally it adds a check in fsl_setup_indirect_pci
to only use the modified read function in case of PCIe.

If we're adding the check to fsl_setup_indirect_pci, there's no need to change the 83xx call back to setup_indirect_pci. I see that 85xx is also callirng fsl_setup_indirect_pci for both; it'd be good to be consistent.

In any case, can you send a proper patch with a signoff and commit message?

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