Re: [PATCH 4/4] arm: tegra: Add power-supplies link between batteryand charger

From: Stephen Warren
Date: Wed Jun 12 2013 - 13:44:50 EST

On 06/10/2013 03:26 PM, Rhyland Klein wrote:
> The power supply core now supports detecting linkages between batteries
> and chargers through the use of the power-supplies property. Adding
> this to the battery, the core will use the phandle list to find
> the associated charger and pair them up. This facilitates notifications
> from the charger to the battery when ac power is dissconnected
> or connected for instance.

Rhyland, if I apply this patch without patches 1-3 being in the same
branch, will it cause any bugs? If so, I guess 1-3 should go through the
drivers/power maintainer for 3.11, and I should defer this patch to 3.12?
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