event filtering with trace-cmd

From: Arend van Spriel
Date: Wed Jun 12 2013 - 06:13:26 EST

Hi Steven

I wanted to filter my debug events getting only one specific level. So I followed the instruction found online, but I get a parse error.

Running on 3.10-rc1 using trace-cmd 1.0.3. Should I upgrade?

events/brcmfmac/brcmf_dbg# cat format
name: brcmf_dbg
ID: 1133

field:unsigned short common_type; offset:0; size:2; signed:0;
field:unsigned char common_flags; offset:2; size:1; signed:0;
field:unsigned char common_preempt_count; offset:3; size:1; signed:0;
field:int common_pid; offset:4; size:4; signed:1;

field:u32 level; offset:8; size:4; signed:0;
field:__data_loc char[] func; offset:12; size:4; signed:1;
field:__data_loc char[] msg; offset:16; size:4; signed:1;

print fmt: "%s: %s", __get_str(func), __get_str(msg)

# sudo trace-cmd record -e brcmfmac:brcmf_dbg -f 'level & 0x40000'
disable all
enable brcmfmac:brcmf_dbg
path = /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/brcmfmac/brcmf_dbg/enable
(level & 0x40000)
parse_error: Invalid operator

trace-cmd: Invalid argument
Failed filter of /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/brcmfmac/brcmf_dbg/filter

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