Re: [PATCH] drivers/net/ethernet/3com: Drop EISA dependency from VORTEX

From: Markos Chandras
Date: Tue Jun 11 2013 - 16:29:50 EST

On 11 June 2013 21:16, Paul Gortmaker <paul.gortmaker@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi Paul,
>> The driver does not seem to build if you only have EISA=y and PCI=n.
>> Does this driver really support EISA only
> Yes. Not that anyone really probably cares anymore. EISA is dead.
>> configurations? Reading the code it seems to me that the PCI support
>> is mandatory for the driver to build and work.
> Oh really? Having PCI disabled seems fine on today's net-next tree
> from what I see below:

Hi Paul,

Ok I guess I was wrong then.

Markos Chandras
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