Re: [EXAMPLE PATCH] pinctrl: add pinctrl driver for Rockchip SoCs

From: Stephen Warren
Date: Mon Jun 10 2013 - 14:24:00 EST

On 06/10/2013 07:00 AM, Linus Walleij wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 2:01 AM, Heiko Stübner <heiko@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> (...)
>> +#include <linux/irqchip/chained_irq.h>
>> +#include <linux/clk-provider.h>
>> +#include <dt-bindings/pinctrl/rockchip.h>
> Hm I don't know if we're supposed to do things like this actually.
> It depends on whether the <dt-bindings/*> hierarchy is supposed
> to stay in the kernel after the device trees are moved out to a
> separate repo.
> Grant/Rob, shall we do this in drivers?

The entire reason I created the <dt-bindings/> directory (rather than
just putting *.h into e.g. arch/arm/boot/dts) was to provide a place to
share binding-defined constants between the DT files and drivers that
implement that binding. It's certainly my opinion that if/when *.dts
move out of the kernel, the <dt-bindings/> directory should continue to
be present in the kernel, and take updates mirrored from the upstream
binding repo.
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