[PATCH 0/6] ipc/sem.c: performance improvements, FIFO

From: Manfred Spraul
Date: Mon Jun 10 2013 - 13:17:23 EST

Hi Andrew,

I have cleaned up/improved my updates to sysv sem.
Could you replace my patches in -akpm with this series?

- 1: cacheline align output from ipc_rcu_alloc
- 2: cacheline align semaphore structures
- 3: seperate-wait-for-zero-and-alter-tasks
- 4: Always-use-only-one-queue-for-alter-operations
- 5: Replace the global sem_otime with a distributed otime
- 6: Rename-try_atomic_semop-to-perform_atomic

The first 2 patches result up to a ~30% performance improvement on a 2-core i3.

3,4 remove unnecessary loops in do_smart_update() and restore FIFO behavior.

I would expect that the 5th one will cause an improvement for multi-socket
systems, but I don't have a test setup.

6 is just a cleanup/function rename.

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