[PATCH v10 net-next 0/6] net: low latency Ethernet device polling

From: Eliezer Tamir
Date: Mon Jun 10 2013 - 04:39:41 EST


I removed the select/poll patch (was 5/7 in v9) from the set.
The rest are the same patches that were in v9.

Please consider applying.

Thanks to everyone for their input.


Change log:
- removed select/poll support. (we will work on this some more and try again)
- correct sysctl proc_handler, reported by Eric Dumazet and Amir Vadai.
- more int -> bool changes, reported by Eric Dumazet.
- better mask testing in sock_poll(), reported by Eric Dumazet.

- split out udp and select/poll into separate patches.
what used to be patch 2/5 is now three patches.
- type corrections from Amir Vadai and Cong Wang:
one unsigned long that was left when changing to cycles_t
int -> bool
- more detailed patch descriptions.

- suggested by Ben Hutchings and Eric Dumazet:
type fixes, static for globals in net/core.c,
avoid napi_id collisions in napi_hash_add()

- many small fixes suggested by Eric Dumazet:
data locality, typos, documentation
protect napi_hash insert/delete with a spinlock (napi_gen_id is no
longer atomic_t since it's only accessed with the spinlock held.)
- added IPv6 TCP and UDP support (only minimally tested)

- corrections suggested by Ben Hutchings:
fixed typos, moved the config option and sysctl value from IPv4 to net
- moved sk_mark_ll() to the protocol handlers
- removed global id mechanism, replaced with a hashed napi_id.
based on code sample from Eric Dumazet
Note that ixgbe_free_q_vector() already waits an rcu grace period
before freeing the q_vector, so nothing additional needs to be done
when adding a call to napi_hash_del().
- simple poll/select support

- removed separate config option for TCP as suggested Eric Dumazet.
- added linux mib counter for packets received through the low latency path,
as suggested by Andi Kleen.
- re-allow module unloading, remove module param, use a global generation id
instead to prevent the use of a stale napi pointer, as suggested
by Eric Dumazet
- updated Documentation/networking/ip-sysctl.txt text

- coding style changes suggested by Dave Miller

- the sysctl knob is now in microseconds. The default value is now 0 (off).
- for now the code depends at configure time on CONFIG_I86_TSC
- the napi reference in struct skb is now a union with the dma cookie
since the former is only used on RX and the latter on TX,
as suggested by Eric Dumazet.
- we do a better job at honoring non-blocking operations.
- removed busy-polling support for tcp_read_sock()
- remove dynamic disabling of GRO
- coding style fixes
- disallow unloading the device module after the feature has been used

Jesse Brandeburg, Arun Chekhov Ilango, Julie Cummings,
Alexander Duyck, Eric Geisler, Jason Neighbors, Yadong Li,
Mike Polehn, Anil Vasudevan, Don Wood
Special thanks for finding bugs in earlier versions:
Willem de Bruijn and Andi Kleen
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