Re: [PATCH][WIP v1] aio: experimental use of threads, demonstration of cancel method

From: Benjamin LaHaise
Date: Thu Feb 14 2013 - 16:03:16 EST

On Thu, Feb 14, 2013 at 03:53:28PM -0500, Benjamin LaHaise wrote:
> If the kiocb has been cancelled, this code ensures that the helper thread
> has received the SIGSEGV. This ensures that the signal can then be flushed
> by flush_signals(). If the kiocb has not been cancelled, it can no longer
> be cancelled after the cmpxchg() has executed.

Whoops, SIGSEGV will certainly need special handling. The cancel code
should really be using SIGKILL. I will add that to the list of things
to fix.

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