Re: [PATCH] x86: make PTRACE_GETREGSET return 32-bit regs if 64-bitprocess entered kernel with int 80

From: Denys Vlasenko
Date: Thu Feb 14 2013 - 11:26:59 EST

On 02/14/2013 04:00 PM, Oleg Nesterov wrote:
> On 02/14, Denys Vlasenko wrote:
>> This patch makes it so that in syscall-entry-stop caused by
>> "int 80" instruction, PTRACE_GETREGSET returns 32-bit regset.
> Not sure...
> First of all, this is incompatible change. And to me, it doesn't look
> correct anyway. Say, why the debugger can't modify r15 if a 64bit tracee
> does int80?

On x86_64, PTRACE_GET/SETREGS can be used for this: they always operate
on 64-bit registers.

> Or think about PTRACE_EVENT_FORK which can be reported with
> TS_COMPAT set.

I don't see a problem. Yes, PTRACE_GETREGSET will return
32-bit regset in this ptrace-stop, which is a problem... why?

> Probably is_ia32_task() should be reported "explicitely" as we already
> discussed, and afaik you have other ideas.

Yes, there are a few ideas. Say, new ptrace op:
can be introduced to return a vector of longs.
To make it easily parsable, how about (type,len,data...)
records? This also may allow tracer to indicate which records
it wants: for example, not everyone wants to read syscall params.
Maybe something like

ptrace(PTRACE_GETSYSCALL, pid, list_of_elements_I_want, &iov)

where list_of_elements_I_want is long[], 0-terminated,
iov points to a buffer, and on return iov.len is updated

What problems can be solved here?

(1) syscall entry/exit discrimination etc. Say, a record
can contain bit flags, such as "it's a syscall entry",
"it's a syscall exit", "it's a group-stop" etc.
Currently, it is impossible for tracer to distinguish
syscall entry from syscall exit.

(2) a record can supply arch-specific data, such as the x86-specific
problem I tried to address: "was it a int 80 syscall?". Variable-length
record format makes it easy to adapt to different archs' needs.
Alternatively, we can set aside a few bits in "bit flags record"
as arch dependent bits. Most arches need just a few bits.

(3) on syscall entry, a record can contain (up to) 7 words: syscall_no
and 0-6 params, making tracer's code less architecture dependent.
Today in strace, *every* architecture needs to have arch-dependent
regs-to-params conversion code. I would like to be able
to code it in C with the same code for most arches.

(4) We can read structs/data pointed by syscall params, such as
struct stat returned by fstat, without needing additional
round-trip to kernel, *and* with kernel-supplied information
on structure's size. Currently, strace has to know the size correctly.
There were, and will be, bugs in strace where we mishandle
structures because we mis-detect process' bitness, and use wrong
struct stat layouts. If kernel would be able to tell us:
"I returned 78 byte structure in memory pointed to by arg1",
it would help a lot. Even if it wouldn't return the result
structure itself (I imagine it's a lot of work in kernel
to access it in other process vm), knowing its size
will still be a big help.

(5) We can read several regsets: gps, SSE regs, etc.
Maybe someone would find it useful? (strace doesn't need this).

How does this look?

I propose to start small, by implementing just 1; 2 in a form of arch bits
as part of 1; and 3. It will satisfy the needs I tried to address
in my patch.


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