Re: [PATCH v5 05/20] scripts/gdb: Add lx-symbols command

From: Tom Tromey
Date: Thu Feb 14 2013 - 10:41:26 EST

>>>>> "Jan" == Jan Kiszka <jan.kiszka@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Jan> In addition, the command installs a silent breakpoint in the load_module
Jan> function at the point where the module was loaded but not yet
Jan> initialized. The breakpoint handler will try to load symbols from the
Jan> module files found during lx-symbols execution. This way, breakpoints
Jan> can be set to module initialization functions, and there is usually no
Jan> need to explicitly call lx-symbols after (re-)loading a module.

It is a nice approach, but I wonder whether the kernel's gdb stub could
use the existing qXfer:libraries remote protocol packet. And, if not,
could we extend gdb to make it work.

Jan> + def _find_breakpoint_location(self):
Jan> + breakpoint_match = "^[0-9]*[\t]*err = parse_args\(.*"
Jan> +
Jan> + src = gdb.execute("list kernel/module.c:load_module",
Jan> + to_string = True)

Whatever works -- but I think there are better ways.

The simplest is introducing a function that is called at the right spot
with the right arguments. It doesn't need to do anything, just be a
name where you can put a breakpoint.

Jan> + import symbols

I think it's better to put everything into its own package, e.g. 'import
linux.symbols', to try to avoid conflicts with other python modules that
may get loaded.

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