Re: [-rc7 regression] Block IO/VFS/ext3/timer spinlock lockup?

From: Ingo Molnar
Date: Thu Feb 14 2013 - 09:54:34 EST

> CPU0 appears to be idle:
> [ 118.510000] Call Trace:
> [ 118.510000] [<7900844b>] cpu_idle+0x86/0xb4
> [ 118.510000] [<792a91df>] rest_init+0x103/0x108
> [ 118.510000] [<794558cc>] start_kernel+0x2c7/0x2cc

So, I've done a partial bisection, the breakage appears to have
gone upstream between v3.8-rc3 and v3.8-rc4.

This roughly coincides with the time frame when I first saw
these lockups pop up, so in that sense it's a plausible result -
but there weren't all that many commits in -rc4 and none looks
really suspicious, so this might be one of those non-bisectable

( Later today I'll try to finish the bisection just in case it
results in something useful. )


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