Re[2]: TDM bus support in Linux Kernel [PATCH]

From: Michail Kurachkin
Date: Wed Feb 13 2013 - 12:14:03 EST


I just sent reworked version of the code. I am looking forward for comments.
Sorry, I have no time to fix your next requests:

1) It's a bit clunky having two device types on the same character device. Is there a better way to do this?

2) + mutex_lock(&slic_chr_dev_lock);
This locking is very heavy handed. You are holding it across the entire open, close, read, write, ioctl, and it is protecting a bunch of different things. Can you make the locking a bit more fine grained?

3) + rc = add_to_slic_devices_list(&tdm_dev->dev, TDM_DEVICE);
This function is the same as probe_spi_slic, except for the device type. A single function would prevent the code duplication.

Will do it later.


> On Monday 04 February 2013 16:08:58 Michail Kurachkin wrote:
>> Hi Oliver,
>> Thank you for the code review. I am working on the sources and soon
>> will send you the update.
>> By the way, I did not find suitable implementation of software circular buffer management. src/include/linux/circ_buf.h seems to be very limited solution.
>> What do you think about adding the following functions/macros to the global namespace?

> Additions to the global namespace needs to be done very carefully.

>> int cb_init(struct circ_buf *cb, int item_size, int count);
>> void cb_free(struct circ_buf *cb);
>> int cb_push(struct circ_buf *cb, void *item);
>> int cb_pop(struct circ_buf *cb, void *item);

> void pointers here may be suboptimal

>> int cb_is_full(struct circ_buf *cb);
>> int cb_is_empty(struct circ_buf *cb);

> I suggest you implement them in private and if they serve you well,
> we can discuss making them global. The important point is that you
> don't duplicate code.

> Regards
> Oliver

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