Re: [PATCH 1/3] nbd: support FLUSH requests

From: Paolo Bonzini
Date: Wed Feb 13 2013 - 11:02:39 EST

Il 13/02/2013 16:55, Alex Bligh ha scritto:
>> > But as far as I can test with free servers, the FUA bits have no
>> > advantage over flush. Also, I wasn't sure if SEND_FUA without
>> > SEND_FLUSH is valid, and if so how to handle this combination (treat it
>> > as writethrough and add FUA to all requests? warn and do nothing?).
> On the main opensource nbd client, the following applies:
> What REQ_FUA does is an fdatasync() after the write. Code extract and
> comments below from Christoph Hellwig.
> What REQ_FLUSH does is to do an fsync().
> The way I read Christoph's comment, provided the linux block layer always
> issues a REQ_FLUSH before a REQ_FUA, there is not performance problem.
> However, a REQ_FUA is going to do a f(data)?sync AFTER the write, whereas
> the preceding REQ_FLUSH is going to an fsync() BEFORE the write. It seems
> to me that either the FUA and FLUSH semantics are therefore different
> (and we need FUA), or that Christoph's comment is wrong and that you
> are guaranteed a REQ_FLUSH *after* the write with REQ_FUA.

REQ_FLUSH is indeed a flush before the write. fdatasync is fine there too.

If you do not have REQ_FUA, as is the case with this patch, the block
layer converts it to a REQ_FLUSH *after* the write.

See block/blk-flush.c:

* REQ_{FLUSH|FUA} requests are decomposed to sequences consisted of three
* optional steps - PREFLUSH, DATA and POSTFLUSH - according to the request
* properties and hardware capability.
* If the device doesn't have writeback cache, FLUSH and FUA don't make any
* difference. The requests are either completed immediately if there's no
* data or executed as normal requests otherwise.
* If the device has writeback cache and supports FUA, REQ_FLUSH is
* translated to PREFLUSH but REQ_FUA is passed down directly with DATA.
* If the device has writeback cache and doesn't support FUA, REQ_FLUSH is
* translated to PREFLUSH and REQ_FUA to POSTFLUSH.

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