Re: [PATCH] memcg: Add memory.pressure_level events

From: Glauber Costa
Date: Wed Feb 13 2013 - 02:55:38 EST

>>> +void __init enable_pressure_cgroup(void)
>>> +{
>>> + WARN_ON(cgroup_add_cftypes(&mem_cgroup_subsys,
>>> + vmpressure_cgroup_files));
>>> +}
>> There is no functionality discovery going on here, and this is
>> conditional on nothing. Isn't it better then to just add the register +
>> read functions to memcontrol.c and add the files in the memcontrol cftype ?
> I was trying to make the stuff similar to the existing CONFIG_MEMCG_SWAP
> code, which does this kind of adding files to the cgroup. But I can surely
> place files into memcontrol cftype as you suggest.
> Thanks a lot for the comments!
Note that swap can be command line disabled, and in that case we won't
register the files.

Then it makes sense to do it in a separate helper. If I understand your
code correctly, once it is compiled in, it will always be enabled. So I
personally think it is clearer if you register it together with the rest
of the crew.

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