Re: [PATCH v3 0/6] Driver for Si476x series of chips

From: Alexey Klimov
Date: Mon Feb 11 2013 - 17:39:39 EST

Hello Andrey, Mauro, Hans,

On Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 6:44 PM, Andrey Smirnov
<andrey.smirnov@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> This is a third version of the patchset originaly posted here:
> Second version of the patch was posted here:
> To save everyone's time I'll repost the original description of it:
> This patchset contains a driver for a Silicon Laboratories 476x series
> of radio tuners. The driver itself is implemented as an MFD devices
> comprised of three parts:
> 1. Core device that provides all the other devices with basic
> functionality and locking scheme.
> 2. Radio device that translates between V4L2 subsystem requests into
> Core device commands.
> 3. Codec device that does similar to the earlier described task, but
> for ALSA SoC subsystem.
> v3 of this driver has following changes:
> - All custom ioctls were moved to be V4L2 controls or debugfs files
> - Chip properties handling was moved to regmap API, so this should
> allow for cleaner code, and hopefully more consistent behaviour of
> the driver during switch between AM/FM(wich involevs power-cycling
> of the chip)
> I was hoping to not touch the code of the codec driver, since Mark has
> already appplied the previous version, but because of the last item I
> had to.
> Unfotunately, since my ARM setup runs only 3.1 kernel, I was only able
> to test this driver on a standalone USB-connected board that has a
> dedicated Cortex M3 working as a transparent USB to I2C bridge which
> was connected to a off-the-shelf x86-64 laptop running Ubuntu with
> custom kernel compile form Which means
> that I was unable to test the change in the codec code, except for the
> fact the it compiles.
> Here is v4l2-compliance output for one of the tuners(as per Hans'
> request):

> Andrey Smirnov (6):
> Add header files and Kbuild plumbing for SI476x MFD core
> Add the main bulk of core driver for SI476x code
> Add commands abstraction layer for SI476X MFD
> Add chip properties handling code for SI476X MFD
> Add a V4L2 driver for SI476X MFD
> Add a codec driver for SI476X MFD

What is the final destiny of this patch series?
I found that only "codec driver for SI476X MFD" is pushed in kernel
3.8 by Mark Brown and that's all, is it? I can't find this patch
series on or in media git trees, for example,
scheduled for 3.9.

I also see that comments for this patches aren't answered and looks
like v4 is necessary.
Andrey, do you plan to make v4 series? May be it was already emailed
but i can't find it. Maybe review or comments from alsa and mfd
communities are missed?

So, without v4 it will not find its way into kernel, right?

Best regards, Klimov Alexey
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