Re: [Bisected] [-next-20130204] usb/hcd: irq 18: nobody cared

From: Yinghai Lu
Date: Mon Feb 11 2013 - 16:06:37 EST

On Mon, Feb 11, 2013 at 11:57 AM, Yinghai Lu <yinghai@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Bjorn, Rafael,
>> acpi_pci_irq_add_prt need to be called after pci bridge get scanned,
>> so we can not call it from pci_acpi_setup, after we move dev_register
>> for pci_dev early.
>> The attached debug patch move down that calling into
>> pci_bus_add_devices and that will make prt works again.
>> Can acpi provide another hook after bridge get scanned?

Rafael, Bjorn,

Can you check attached patch?



Attachment: move_add_irq_prt_down_v2.patch
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