Abysmal HDD/USB write speed after sleep on a UEFI system

From: Artem S. Tashkinov
Date: Sun Feb 10 2013 - 05:51:05 EST


I have a P8P67 Pro motherboard made by ASUS and recently I decided to switch to EUFI boot.
Maybe it's a coincidence or maybe Linux kernel 3.7.6 (vanilla) has some serious bug but after
waking up from sleep write performance becomes intolerable.

On boot I have:

HDD write performance: ~120MB/sec
USB write performance: ~18MB/sec

After sleep:

HDD write performance: ~7MB/sec (i.e 17 times slower)
USB write performance: ~0.5MB/sec (i.e. 36 times slower)

This is totally unacceptable, the computer becomes unusable.

I'm open to suggestions how to debug this extremely serious problem.

P.S. Since I'm still using x86 kernel, on boot it switches x86-64 UEFI off:

[ 0.000000] efi: EFI v2.31 by American Megatrends
[ 0.000000] efi: ACPI=0xdf385000 ACPI 2.0=0xdf385000 SMBIOS=0xdec28e98 MPS=0xfc9a0
[ 0.000000] efi: No EFI runtime due to 32/64-bit mismatch with kernel
[ 0.000000] efi: Setup done, disabling due to 32/64-bit mismatch

Best regards,

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