Re: [PATCH 1/1] ARM: OMAP4: Add OMAP4 Blaze Tablet support

From: Tony Lindgren
Date: Sat Feb 09 2013 - 21:52:48 EST


* Ruslan Bilovol <ruslan.bilovol@xxxxxx> [130208 11:41]:
> The OMAP4 Blaze Tablet is TI OMAP4 processor-based
> development platform in a tablet formfactor.
> The platform contains many of the features found in
> present-day handsets (such as audio, video, wireless
> functions and user interfaces) and in addition
> contains features for software development and test.
> This patch adds initial support for the OMAP4 Blaze
> Tablet development platform. Additional functionality
> depends on different drivers and code modifications that
> are not upstreamed yet so will be added later.

Nice that you have it working, however, we're not adding
any more board-*.c files as we're moving things to device
tree based booting.

Care to try to get the basic .dts file done for this?
You will probably need to add CONFIG_ARM_APPENDED_DTB=y
and CONFIG_ARM_ATAG_DTB_COMPAT=y to omap2plus_defconfig
and append the .dtb file to zImage and run mkimage then
manually to boot it. But you should get serial and MMC
at least working to start with :)


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