Re: [PATCH resend v3 3/3] kconfig: nconf: add vi-style navigationkeys

From: Roland Eggner
Date: Sat Feb 09 2013 - 00:08:48 EST

On 2013-02-09 Saturday at 02:03 +0100 Yann E. MORIN wrote:
> On Friday 01 February 2013 Roland Eggner wrote:
> > Add vi-style navigation keys, based on initial work by Dmitry Voytik.
> As much I am a unconditional vim user, I doubt this is a sane idea to
> include this, as it conflicts with the established UI that people expect,
> especially since <h> is remapped and people already rely on <h> to provide
> help, not do any other weird thing (like exiting the current submenu).

Having the most frequently used keys in the middle of the keyboard is
a professional computer usage pattern, not an anachronistic one.

Regarding the <h>/<H> conflict: My vision is to eliminate the need for help
keybindings <h> <?> at all by displaying the related help text beside the menu
permanently, similar to some graphical backends. For terminals with
COLUMNS>=160 this should be rather easy to implement. nouveaufb gives me by
default terminal with 274 columns, âretinaâ displays are entering the market
â the frequency of COLUMNS>=160 terminals probably will continue to grow. While
staying compatible with COLUMNS=80, it seems reasonable to use the capabilities
of wider terminals, or what would you say?

Cannot promise when I will find the time to prepare a patch.

Roland Eggner

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