Re: [PATCH v2] media: rc: gpio-ir-recv: add support for device treeparsing

From: Sylwester Nawrocki
Date: Fri Feb 08 2013 - 16:52:42 EST

On 02/08/2013 10:36 PM, Sebastian Hesselbarth wrote:
You could also make it:

#define gpio_ir_recv_get_devtree_pdata (-ENOSYS)

Hmm, does that also play with parameter passing of the
CONFIG_OF gpio_ir_recv_get_devtree_pdata() ?

Oops, should have been:

#define gpio_ir_recv_get_devtree_pdata(dev, pd) (-ENOSYS)

#define gpio_ir_recv_get_devtree_pdata (-ENOSYS)
+ return ERR_PTR(-ENODEV);
static irqreturn_t gpio_ir_recv_irq(int irq, void *dev_id)
struct gpio_rc_dev *gpio_dev = dev_id;
@@ -66,6 +111,17 @@ static int gpio_ir_recv_probe(struct
platform_device *pdev)
int rc;

+ if (pdev->dev.of_node) {
+ struct gpio_ir_recv_platform_data *dtpdata =

I think you could use pdata here instead, as previously. But I'm fine
as it is now as well.

Yeah, but pdata is const and I will change it within _get_devtree_pdata().
I could cast the const away when passing it to
but it is almost the same amount of code.. and it is cleaner this way.

True, let's leave it intact then.

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