[PATCH 0/5] at91: atmel_lcdfb: regression fixes and cpu_is removal

From: Nicolas Ferre
Date: Fri Feb 08 2013 - 11:35:41 EST

These patches fix a regression in 16-bpp support for older SOCs which use
IBGR:555 rather than BGR:565 pixel layout. Use SOC-type to determine if the
controller uses the intensity-bit and restore the old layout in that case.

The last patch is a removal of uses of cpu_is_xxxx() macros in atmel_lcdfb with
a platform-device-id table and static configurations.

Patches from Johan Hovold taken from:
"[PATCH 0/3] atmel_lcdfb: fix 16-bpp regression"
"[PATCH v2 0/3] ARM: at91/avr32/atmel_lcdfb: remove cpu_is macros"
patch series to form a clean patch series with my signature.

Arnd, Olof,
as it seems that old fbdev drivers are not so much reviewed those days, can we
take the decision to queue this material through arm-soc with other AT91
drivers updates?

Best regards,

Johan Hovold (5):
atmel_lcdfb: fix 16-bpp modes on older SOCs
ARM: at91/neocore926: fix LCD-wiring mode
ARM: at91/avr32/atmel_lcdfb: add bus-clock entry
atmel_lcdfb: move lcdcon2 register access to compute_hozval
ARM: at91/avr32/atmel_lcdfb: add platform device-id table

arch/arm/mach-at91/at91sam9261.c | 2 +
arch/arm/mach-at91/at91sam9261_devices.c | 6 +-
arch/arm/mach-at91/at91sam9263.c | 1 +
arch/arm/mach-at91/at91sam9263_devices.c | 2 +-
arch/arm/mach-at91/at91sam9g45.c | 2 +
arch/arm/mach-at91/at91sam9g45_devices.c | 6 +-
arch/arm/mach-at91/at91sam9rl.c | 1 +
arch/arm/mach-at91/at91sam9rl_devices.c | 2 +-
arch/arm/mach-at91/board-neocore926.c | 2 +-
arch/avr32/mach-at32ap/at32ap700x.c | 6 +-
drivers/video/atmel_lcdfb.c | 130 ++++++++++++++++++++++++-------
include/video/atmel_lcdc.h | 4 +-
12 files changed, 127 insertions(+), 37 deletions(-)


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